What a day!!

Today was such a successful day for me! I woke up with the sun in my face. Can a day start better? I do not think so..! For breakfast I had company from my boyfriend’s family and we philosophized around. It’s so nice to talk about everything with different people. Then my journey started. I drove to a school in another city. A psychology school, I liked it so much! It could really be something I’ll enjoy. I love helping people and advising them, I probably inherited from dad. 


On the way to my grandmother I met two old ladies. So sincere! Than I met a girl of my age, we talked because we could not continue our train route and had  to take another one. She told me about her studies and she was so cute. Today everyone is in a good mood, aaah the sun! So beautiful. After lunching with my grandmother and waiting for my next bus, I met a very nice couple with such a cute dog. So many nice conversations with people, of whom I will probably never see again, but who have made my day. It’s amazing how strangers can improve your mood. Just talk to each other. Now I’m in a small café near the city, missing my bus, sitting at the laptop and realizing how nice it is today.
My train after school was canceled, I had to walk a long way, I missed my bus and for two days I had no mobile phone battery anymore. Otherwise I would be upset about all this, but lately I realize that these little things can not ruin your day. You can get so much out of a day so why get upset that the bus is late? I prefer to sit down and write and drink delicious Lemon yogoschino (you really should try) and enjoy the spring weather! Immediately I’m on my way home to our new apartment and hope that the small package has arrived with the beautiful sunglasses I had ordered last week!

Have a nice sunny day