I think it’s not fair that influencer and blogger and all the people who have a huge impact of other humans say it’s „stupid“ to not take the vaccine. You don’t know any of the side effects so you don’t know about the vaccine either. It’s the same thing like telling a friend who never took drugs before that it’s good or bad when you didn’t took it yourself. It’s a weird time and I truly understand people going crazy by not knowing where this will takes us. The fact that they want to forbid certain things for people who decide to not take the vaccine is SO inhuman. It has nothing to do with freedom anymore.

I saw an interview with Professor Ugur Shain the Producer of the vaccine and chef of BioNTech about this topic the other day...(unfortunately it is in German) Take a look at his reaction and how he started to talk, he kind of wasn’t prepared for this question. He was asked if he himself and his workers will get the vaccine as well to set a sign for all the people that it’s good to do and to make them do it as well. He replied „...we have to protect our workers we cant risk that they can’t work anymore...“ well said Mr. Shain.

I think that sentence alone proves a point. (Because if the vaccine would be that important and good for a human body to protect us from COVID and he really would like to protect his workers from the virus they would have inoculate everyone so they can work and produce the vaccine for the rest. BUT he said they won’t get the vaccine yet so they can still work and to protect them. You got my point? ) We don’t know the side effects. We don’t even know what it is against. The PCR Test is a Test which isn’t proved by any of the doctors before it can’t even prove a virus. Well, I think we all should take our time to really get to know what’s going on with us. I don’t judge anybody and everyone should do what they think is best for them..I’ll just leave it here and the link to the interview below.

(Also a link -also in German- about the document of the vaccine. PLEASE read this. It’s so important to know!)

About the Document: https://www.google.de/amp/s/www.epochtimes.de/gesundheit/fehler-im-protokoll-schwere-corona-infektion-mit-impfung-wahrscheinlicher-a3412034.html/amp <33

Hey everyone! I thought it’s time to share this personal journal with you because I really want to connect with you. This personal section is about me, my feelings and thoughts and the things I do. It’s kind of a blog I would say. I’ve done this one time before but deleted it because I wasn’t sure if this is "interesting“ enough to read.

Now it’s different and I want to try it again. So let’s get this started.