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The Muse Body Membership is an online coaching program for every woman who wants to get back into her power and her deep trust. 

It's a community to catch up with other women who feel the same, who understand and support each other by simply being together. 

Enroll in The Muse Body Membership today for 12 months and get instant access to the content and community with 20% off of the usual price.

The Muse Body Membership includes:


every week you will recieve a brand new coaching video by Denise


a monthly masterclass by a special guest 

Live Calls

weekly live call where we talk about the things on our mind 


we will journal together in the live calls and share our thoughts with each other

You're the master

once a month you can be the master of your own created masterclass for us

Personal Coaching

you can have a personal coaching during this membership if you want 


monthly interviews with specialist for mental health and self development 


instant access to a members only Facebook community