I am Denise Ellen, a young creative soul with a positive mindset and open to everything new living the dream. 

I started photography just two years ago trying something new and extraordinary than just go to school and study. I first shot with my friends and got inspired by natural and clean photography on the internet. My biggest inspiration? Women. In all shapes, in all their beauty and fascination for life. 

One year after I found my passion for photography, my friend Yalda and I started the project called "THE MUSE" were women who feel comfortable and strong in their bodies or the ones who wants to feel that way get to shoot or interviewed by us. It's a heart project with wich I want to reach all of you out there to think about what it means to be a woman and to feel powerful as one. 

Around the same time THE MUSE AGENCY was founded. A model agency with the same intention as the project running by the same two creative heads. 

Today I work as a psychological supporter, model agent and as a freelance photographer on creative projects. 

You want to know more? Just get in touch with me!

captured by dascha_ha